Artist’s Statement

Me AotV 6-6-14I am a materials driven artist, fascinated with form, line, and texture. I’m interested in what my medium will do and play with it until I’m completely satisfied with something. Once I’ve made that piece, I’m off to another medium. I don’t like for my work to look like anything I’ve ever seen, no matter what I’m making. I don’t use symbols from various cultures because I don’t know what it is saying.

I worked with clay for eight years and the last piece I made was perfect. I haven’t touched clay for three years. I’m keeping my tools, though.

I made popup cards for a while and it is a really handy thing to be able to do when it’s time to give someone a gift. An original card is lovely.

I’ve made jewelry off and on all of my life and it is the single medium I keep returning to.

Right now, I’m working with watercolors and colored pencils and I’m having so much fun!



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